Elk Point City Council

Council Members

Mayor Deborah McCreary

Lance Penfield
Ward Two

Jim Verros
Vice President
Ward Three

Steve Nelson
Ward Two

Amanda Abraham
Ward One

Brad Zevenbergen
Ward one

Kenny VonHaden
Ward Three

About the Council

The City of Elk Point is governed by a mayor elected at large by the eligible voters of the community. The City Council is composed of two representatives from each of three wards, a total of six elected Council members who vote on policy directions for the City.

The Mayor and Council members are elected to two-year terms, with ward elections staggered so that three Council positions – one from each ward — are subject to election annually.

The Mayor does not vote on Council business unless there is a tie, and the Mayor can veto a Council decision.

City Council Meetings are held on the first Monday of the Month.

City Council’s Duties

Primary Objective of Position:                                                        

To identify and discuss issues impacting the City of Elk Point, receive and consider public input, and make appropriate decisions in a manner, which encourages full and open discussion.

Responsible To: Citizens of Elk Point

Supervision Exercised: Supervises City Administrator, superintendents in charge of city employees, and city employees.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Regularly and thoroughly prepares for each City Council meeting held on the first Monday of each month. The Council also meets as a Board of Equalization in March.
  • Thoroughly reads and reviews agenda materials supplied.
  • Becomes familiar with City Strategic Plans and other City documents and understands how these documents impact City policy.
  • Conducts site visits as appropriate.
  • Solicits and receives input from affected parties and the general public.
  • Contacts affected parties to solicit input.
  • Meaningfully participates in consideration of agenda items.
  • Disqualifies self from participation where actual or potential conflict of interest occurs.
  • Participates in discussion of issue, including requesting additional data and/or supplying personal perspective both from a citywide perspective, as well as the council member’s view of impact of a proposal.
  • Actively listens to ensure a complete appreciation of each proposal and the respective positions of the petitioner, affected parties (businesses, residents, etc.), and the City staff.
  • Responds to constituent requests for information or assistance with problem resolution.

Participate in special study subcommittees or task forces to provide information for City Council consideration.
1. Assumes responsibility for accomplishing necessary research either by talking to appropriate individuals or requesting that the staff prepare appropriate research.
2. Assumes a constructive and active role in the output of the task force.

  • Discusses issues impacting the City with State Legislators and other local government officials.
  • Annually evaluates the performances of the City Administrator with the knowledge of what the job description/contract is for the Administrator.
  • Establishes and modifies goals and objectives for the City.
  • Reviews and approves an annual budget and tax levy.
  • Reviews and approves a capital improvements program for the City.
  • Reviews and is familiar with the Elk Point City Ordinance book.
  • Serves as a Council Representative to various committee’s or agencies as appointed by the Mayor.
  • Responsible for who is to be employed with the City and who is to be terminated from employment.

Process To Be Elected To Office: Please see attached information as prepared by the SD Municipal League.

Benefits: Councilman receives $200.00 per month salary. Council members also receive $40.00 for each special meeting he/she attends. The Mayor receives $250 per month salary.

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