“Together we can make Elk Point a safer place to live!”


Non-Emergency:  605-356-2184
Contact us with any issues or concerns.
Full time officers:

On Call Officers:

  • Micah Larson
  • TJ North
  • Gregory Jurich
  • Maxwell Stewart

The Elk Point Police Department is the law enforcement branch of the city government.  One of the primary objectives of EPPD is to provide a secure, safe community environment for all residents and businesses.  EPPD serves the community by protecting life and property, detecting crime, enforcing all laws and ordinances, and promoting the safe, efficient use of the city streets and highways.

Home Security Inspections

The Elk Point PD will be offering a free home security consultation and inspection to residents and businesses within Elk Point. The inspection and consultation will involve a checklist of common security weaknesses that many homes and businesses have and will allow a home or business owner to understand what they can do to make their home or place of business safer and more secure.

The inspection will begin with a self assessment checklist that can be picked up by the homeowner or business owner at the PD or downloaded here. This checklist will identify areas that need improvement. 

Then an officer will meet with the home or business owner and discuss things that can be done to improve the security of the home or office. The PD will also provide, at the owner’s discretion, a DVD video record of the premises and their contents to aid in keeping a record of their home or business should they ever need it.

If you would like to schedule a security consultation, just download and print the checklist, fill it out and give an officer a call at 605-356-2184.  


Snow Reminders

NOTICE TO RESIDENTS SNOW REMINDERS The City of Elk Point wishes to remind  you that sidewalks are to be cleared of snow and ice within twenty-four (24) hours after any snowfall or freezing rain.  If snow and ice is not removed within this period, the City may do so by...

Ordinance 367 – Off-street Parking

City Ordinance 367 Letter from Police Chief Ryan Fleek City Ordinance 367 "An Ordinance of the City of Elk Point, SD, amending the City of Elk Point Zoning Ordinance, Section 11.04, Off-Street...

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