Building Inspector                                         

Gary Roan                                                                                                           

(712) 253-9115
Fax (605) 232-5925

The Building Inspector is authorized to enforce all provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and establish rules for its administration.
For such purposes he/she shall have the powers of a law enforcement officer. The Building Inspector shall have the power to render interpretations of this ordinance. Such interpretations shall be within the intent and purpose of the Zoning Ordinance. The Mayor appoints this official.

Whenever necessary to make an inspection to enforce any of the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, the Building Inspector and authorized representatives may enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect.

Whenever any work or use is being done contrary to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, the Building Inspector may order the work or use stopped by notice in writing served on any person engaged in the doing or causing such work to be done and any such persons shall stop work or use until authorized by the Building Inspector to proceed with the work or use.

Planning & Zoning Commission Members:

Jonathan Jensen – 4 year term
Robert Hathaway – 3 year term
Andy Curry – 2 year term
Bret Reed – 3 year term


Planning & Zoning Meetings


The Planning Commission is the designated planning board of the municipality responsible for reviewing and approving applications for development and preparation of master plans and ordinances.

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