Previously, FEMA completed the last flood plain study for Union County in 2001. This mapping was mainly completed with riverine flooding and some localized flooding. With the new technology that has been developed over the last two decades, FEMA has been able to move from riverine flooding to determining localized flooding. In doing this they can detail the mapping down to a smaller area than before. The flooding events that they model are evaluated for the 100 (1%) and 500 (0.02%) year storms. The new maps are color-coded showing what properties are in and out of the respective flood plain (100 year- Blue, 500 year-Orange/Brown.) Elk Point was not a part of any previous Flood Plain Maps. However, this time around, the city was forced to be a part of the new FEMA Flood Plain map. 


If your property is now in the flood zone 100-year (1%) and you have a mortgage on your property. Your existing lending agency is most likely going to require you to purchase flood insurance. If you believe the FEMA Map is incorrect. You would be able to complete an elevation certificate. This elevation certificate would show your lender the elevation of your home and if the building is out of the 100-year flood plain. You could be removed from the flood plain area and not have to purchase flood insurance.


FEMA presented the city with the new floodplain map and determined that certain areas in Elk Point are susceptible to flooding. Please note: The City of Elk Point did not opt into the floodplain map, only the flood insurance program. 

Your lender will be contacting you if you require flood insurance. Lenders use determination companies to make their requirements on flood insurance. The city is now a member of the flood insurance program so anyone in Elk Point will be able to purchase flood insurance. 

Here is a link to FEMA’s updated floodplain map: https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home 

Here is the hotline 1-800-427-4661 for insurance and mapping questions.



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