City of Elk Point

City of Elk Point Now Hiring

The City of Elk Point is accepting applications for a Public Works Equipment Operator. Applications will be accepted until February 23, 2024. Applications can be found at City Hall, located at 106 W. Pleasant St. Elk Point SD. Applications can also be found online at

Wage: $19.50/hour (No CDL) $20.50 (With CDL)


  • Perform various duties involving the maintenance and repair of City streets, parks, cemetery, bike trails, rubble site, traffic signs, and City buildings.
  • Perform various duties associated with the City’s solid waste collection service including pick up, disposal, and recycling.
  • Perform snow and ice removal procedures, plow, sand, load trucks, haul snow, and shovel sidewalks.
  • Ensure tools and equipment are used safely and personal protective equipment is used properly.
  • Clean debris and weeds from the street right of way and storm drainage facilities.
  • Paint, apply, and/or remove traffic safety street markings and reflectors; install, relocate, or remove traffic regulatory signs and barricades.
  • Operate equipment including motor grader, backhoe, payloader, dump truck, snowplow, street sweeper, and garbage truck.
  • Assist with maintenance, cleaning, and repair of City vehicles, equipment, facilities, streets, parks, and cemetery.

Minimum Qualifications- Education

  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED required.

Minimum Qualifications- Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Must have general mechanical ability and knowledge of tools and methods used in basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, and equipment repair.
  • Must have knowledge of the correct operation of trucks, tractors, loaders, sweepers, and other power equipment.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills, with the ability to adapt to various situations and people.
  • Must be able to read directions, basic blueprints, and maps and be able to calculate amounts and measurements.

Physical Capabilities

  • Wide variety of physical activity required, which may include extended periods of strenuous activity, including heavy manual labor, lifting up to 75 pounds, digging, carrying, climbing, stooping, reaching, pulling, crawling through narrow access, and withstanding exposure to variable weather conditions.
  • Must have the ability to operate a variety of heavy equipment, including trucks, snow equipment, loaders, backhoes, and sweepers.
  • Must have the ability to work inside and outside activities in all types of weather; daytime and night hours may be required.