Elk Point Cemetery & St. Joseph’s Cemetery

Are you trying to trace back your heritage?
Do you have questions about where your loved ones are buried?
Are you considering purchasing a plot space in the Elk Point & St. Joseph’s Cemeteries?
Contact the Elk Point Cemetery Sexton for the answers to your questions.
Andrea Geary
Cemetery Sexton

General Cemetery Information


PLOT PRICES: Each plot in both cemeteries is $500.00 flat fee made payable to the City of Elk Point.

GRAVE OPENING FEES: There is a $300.00 grave opening fee for full caskets and a $100.00 grave opening fee for cremation burials.  Additional Weekend fees are $150 for caskets and $75 for cremation (will charge this fee on Fridays when the street department works summer hours).

DEED FILING FEE:  $30.  Deed will be filed with the register of deeds at the courthouse. 

FLOWER REMOVAL : Per ORDINANCE NO. 208-1, flowers placed in a permanent container (a receptacle or urn that is an integral part of the monument or marker) may remain at the site all year.  The Elk Point Cemetery association removes without notice any flowers not in permanent containers fifteen (15) days after Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

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