Website Update

The Elk Point website is currently being updated.  We appreciate your patience.  Please call City Hall for questions 356-2141.  Thank you.

Dog licenses

Reminder:  Dog licenses are available at City Hall and must be renewed annually.  Please bring in shot records. Dog License Application

Annual Tree Trimming

  The City of Elk Point will be doing the annual tree trimming around power lines and streets and alleys. It is the City’s policy to substantially cut trees back from power lines and from the travel portions of the roadways so that it will not be necessary to do that...

Weeds and Trees

Our Public Works Director would like to remind our citizens to keep their weeds trimmed.  Also, the trees must not hang below 10 ft over a sidewalk or below 14 ft over the streets. 

City Information Channel

We now have a City information channel on our local Vast Cable TV network.  Tune in to channel 98 for updates on events and pertinent city announcements.  Snow removal alerts, planned power outages and other important announcements will be placed on this channel....

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